Campground Rules


Two-Night minimum stay is required to make a reservation for regular weekends. Three-night reservations are required for a holiday weekend.

Every site must be held with a credit card at no charge. If cancelled, the credit card will be charged a $10 cancellation fee.

All cancellations need to be made 14 days in advance of check in. If site is not filled, we will charge the full rate of reservation.

Each site must be held with a name and credit card deposit. We will also need the exact nights each camper will stay.

Thank you – The Schreier's

Please Call (507) 763-3817

SPEED BUMPS: We use speed bumps to control speed throughout the park. Going around a speed bump and on the grass is in direct violation of the rules and if it continues you will be asked to leave.

REGISTERED CAMPERS: Each site must be registered before parking rig. Each site is allowed 2 adults and up to 2 children per site. There is a $3.00 charge per person fee after the 4 persons allowed at each site. CHECKOUT TIME IS 4:00 p.m. One parking pass with each paid registration. Additional Parking Passes may be purchased for $7.00 per day or $10 per weekend.

•QUIET HOURS: Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am. No loud noises or disturbances during these times. This includes barking dogs, radios, loud talking and bug zappers.

GUESTS/DAY USERS: There is a parking permit that is required to park in our campground. This fee is $5.00 per day and expires at 11:00 p.m.

•AUTOMOBILES: Each car needs a parking permit to park in the campground. Weekend Parking - $10 per vehicle. Daily Parking - $7.00 per vehicle. Other parking permits are available upon request. SPEED LIMIT IS 10mph THROUGHOUT THE PARK, NO EXCEPTIONS!! If you are caught speeding you may be asked to leave the park.

PARKING: One vehicle per site. All other cars will need to park in the parking lot and have a valid parking permit to stay. Weekend users will be required to pay a weekend fee of $7.50 per extra vehicle. Daily parking $5.00 per vehicle. Each registration receives one parking pass.

PETS: Pets are welcome in our park, however, they MUST be kept on a short leash (6 feet or shorter) and not be left unattended or alone at your site. Waste must be immediately cleaned up by owner and deposited in waste container. Any damage to site (include digging holes) will be at owners expense.

GARBAGE: Please put only garbage in the dumpsters. NO CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS. We ask that you separate recyclables and put them in the recycling shed.

RECYCLABLES: We have a special shed right next to the fish-cleaning shed. Please recycle all glass, aluminum, plastic, and tin along with cardboard. This will help keep our expense on hauling down and make our world a better place.

FISH CLEANING ROOM: Please clean up after you are finished. This includes wiping of the counter and walls, and washing down the sinks. There is a broom in the wall if you track in mud. Please put all fish cleanings in the pails provided, and place the lid back on top. DO NOT put cleanings in the dumpsters. State law prohibits this. And finally, please do your part to make this room enjoyable for everyone to use by following these guidelines.

•BOATS: All boats need to be parked in the boat parking lot or back. They are not allowed at site. Trailers need to be brought back to the parking lot on top after you finish putting the boat in the water. This keeps the bottom parking lot from getting congested.

•BOAT LANDING: This landing is for all our guests to use, but everyone must follow our rules. No boats will be tied to our docks overnight.

•DOCKS: We have wonderful docks for fishing. You may tie up during the day, but not at the ends where people sit and fish. NO BOAT WILL BE TIED TO THE DOCK OVERNIGHT OR DURING HIGH WINDS! Winds come up unexpectedly and can cause major damage to your boat and our docks. If you do tie up against our rules and damage occurs to our docks, it will be at YOUR EXPENSE! Our insurance company will no longer pay for any damage to our docks due to your negligence. So PLEASE take them out at night and during high winds.

•SITES: Each site is to have a neat appearance. Fires in fire pits only. Damage to picnic tables or hook-ups will be at guest's expense. Please do not wash RV's at site.

LAUNDRY: Coin operated machines are located in the barn. Please remove lint from each dryer before starting the cycle. Do not overload the washers.

•BATH HOUSE: Please keep these facilities clean. We ask that all showers be kept to a 5 minute run time. This will help insure that no one is waiting, and it will also help on the water consumption. Please do not waste water in either facility.

SWIM AREA: NO LIFE GUARD IS ON DUTY! Please watch your children carefully. NO GLASS, PETS, OR ROUGH HOUSING ON THE RAFT!!! No children are to swim without an adult present!

•CHILDREN: Parents, please watch your children. We do not restrict their play, but are concerned for their safety. No child will be allowed to climb on the roof or the tube of the play area. All children are to be at your site by 11:00 p.m. After this time we ask that they not walk the campground or hang out at the play area. They will be allowed in the barn after 11:00 p.m. The barn is monitored by video cameras that we tape for security purposes. As long as we have no trouble, we will keep this building open for their enjoyment.

BARN/GAME ROOM: Help keep this a fun place for everyone. No profanity is allowed either here or anywhere in our park. Please do not beat our machines. Please use the wastebaskets and do not spit sunflower seeds on the carpet. This building will be climate controlled so keep the doors and windows shut. Please do not play with the shades. Security cameras with running tapes monitor this building. A change machine is located inside of the game room across from the pool table.

FIREWORKS AND FIREARMS: These are not allowed on the premises for any reason. NO EXCEPTIONS! Anyone caught with any of these will be asked to leave the park.

WEATHER: Should a storm approach, we will try to notify you. Radio stations 106.1 FM KJOE, and 105.1 FM KARL, both FM stations will carry weather info. In case of a tornado you can go to any bathroom facility or into our house basement for your protection. Severe thunderstorms can be weathered in either of these facilities or in the barn.

•OFFICE/STORE: Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. We sell wood, ice, milk, live bait and miscellaneous camping supplies, along with gift items and T-shirts and Sweatshirts. We also have games, horseshoes, and a volleyball to check out with a deposit.

•MINI GOLF: There is a charge to play this course. Please come to office for equipment.

•SHUFFLE BOARD: A deposit must be placed to use equipment. Please come to the office.